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Cryptolocker: Decrypt files without paying a ransom

Back in December we warned about a new piece of ransomware called Cryptolocker.

Cryptolocker is a form of Trojan that typically arrives as an email attachment, or if you already have malware on your PC may be able to self install at anytime via a Botnet feed. Whether you mistakenly run the file thinking it is something innocent, or it manages to self install the results then are extremely destructive.

The payload of Cryptolocker is that it encrypts the data on your PC, doing so with an extremely high security encryption that effectively makes all your data unreadable.

Thanks to security experts an online portal has been created where victims of Cryptolocker can get a master decryption key for free.

When you go to this online portal you are required to enter an email address and upload a file that has been encrypted by Cryptolocker.

The portal will then email you a master decryption key and a download link to a recovery program that can be used together with the master decryption key to repair all encrypted files on your system.

Please try this at your own risk, we have not be able to test this solution here at eClarity.

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