About Us

eClarity Solutions Ltd are based in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. We  provide IT Solutions to local clients in Worcestershire, Warwickshire and the West Midlands, but we do have customers in all corners of the UK. Most of our Helpdesk tasks are undertaken by remote, so our actual location is immaterial. All that is really needed is an Internet connection and help is available, straight to your desktop.

eClarity was formed back in May 2000 and was initially a contracting vehicle for its co-founders.  Having been employed for some time in the infrastructure and engineering teams of large business, they had experience both good and bad of how things worked. However repeated corporate mergers and the resultant seesawing of strategy was becoming bigger than the service their teams we’re supposed to be deploying.

Amazingly it seemed that contractors appeared immune to much of the madness, not because they were any better or worse than other staff but simply they were not involved in what was perceived by some as important.  So, to actually do something interesting you had to be a contractor, and off we went!

When setting up a new business the one thing you quickly realise is that being good at something is not enough.  Who you know and luck play major parts and doses of both are needed to get you going.  Fortunately we knew some people and as contractors we could function.  Sadly, when hard times fall the contractor’s world is not a happy one. It was time for eClarity to become a real business.

This is where you learn the next lesson.  It’s similar to the first in that being good at something is not always sufficient.  Large businesses work with large businesses, they work to tender and to specification, they want to know your processes and standards, they want you to be like them.  A small business is not an enterprise and sadly the two don’t mix easily.  So this is the Rock.  The Hard Place is that other small businesses don’t know you and you don’t know them.  It’s difficult to pick up the phone and ask someone you don’t know for help.

Here is where eClarity was born.  In the struggle to size enterprise ideas to fit an SME market, the idea of Keeping IT Simple was key.  Simple, not stupid, not poor, just Simple and with a goal, with a standard, with a process and with an all-important budget in mind.  Doing things right, in a consistent manner and checking what you’ve done does what it should.

Over the years eClarity have developed many core IT Solutions. We take the large scale ideas and size them to work in a smaller environment.  We can cater for 5 users or 100, whatever you need. Eclarity are Microsoft, Sophos, WatchGuard and Fujitsu Partners (amongst others) and draw from the skills these vendors can offer to bring results for our clients.

After a while though you realise only one thing is really important, its reputation and the trust that comes with it that makes a company.  Were back to people again and who you know, eClarity are people. We’re someone’s mate down the pub, but we’re also an experienced supplier of IT Services for small and medium businesses.  Give us a call, let’s have a chat and see if what IT Solutions we can offer you.

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