A quality IT solution has to be built around solid infrastructure. If not, you will experience issues from day one. We have the ability to plan, and implement a solid infrastructure. This will enable the rest of your systems to run to their full potential.

Physical Network InfrastructureImage of a network cable

With your premises as a starting point, we can test, and fit your building with quality network cabling, priding ourselves on a neat and tidy job, from the network points on the wall, all the way back to the patch panels and server cabinet. This enables easy troubleshooting, for ourselves, and for our customers.



Internet and Entanet LogoConnectivity

We offer broadband and Ethernet solutions. Using partners we trust, our solutions can offer you the fundamental connection you require to keep your business online. Our Ethernet products are excellent for customers who depend on an internet connection, whether that be to run applications, or to get orders in via email.  Customers with Ethernet services,  get a guaranteed SLA, and most come with a broadband backup meaning you are always connected.


Firewalls and switchesStack of Watchguard Firewalls

Once your physical environment is problem free, we can focus on the networking equipment. Our go to switches are from Zyxel and HP, they have lots of features, including the ability to segregate your network to prevent unwanted access to your data. To further control access in and out, we use Watchguard Firewalls. These give the highest level off security, to protect you from threats coming in from sources such as email, and denial of service attacks. A decent firewall also allow you to control what can be accessed from inside your network, giving you full control.


ServersImage of Fijitsu Primergy Server

Servers are the heart of most businesses. Storing data, running applications, and of course collecting and sending email. We are able to provide a server solution for any requirement and budget. From single box solutions, to high availability cluster solutions, allowing for failover, minimising any downtime, and keeping your businesses productivity high. We have a great relationship with Fujitsu, and usually use their hardware in our server solutions. They provide high quality equipment, and excellent aftercare with warranties and spares.




Image of a Fujitsu Celvin NAS Q805Backup

Having all of these quality systems is great, but what happens in case of a major disaster? We believe that a backup solution must be just as good as the rest of the infrastructure. Eclarity can offer NAS backups, running daily, weekly and monthly tasks, and also offsite backups so you can take your data home in case of a fire. We can also go that extra mile, with fireproof backup solutions, meaning your data will be safe, whatever happens. As a supported customer, we actively check your backup for errors, ensuring you always have the latest copy of your data and systems, just in case.