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Eclarity is a well-established IT solutions company which has been installing and maintaining IT systems for clients in Leeds, Huddersfield, Bradford and across Yorkshire for over 20 years. We understand all companies are different, so we take the time to understand your business intricacies and distinctions to enable us to provide a bespoke selection of full-suite and managed ongoing IT support for your business. Our IT support in Leeds is designed to protect your company, whilst enhancing productivity and efficiency.


The range of IT support service in Leeds your business can benefit from include downtime monitoring, installation of hardware and software, proactive system reviews, infrastructure support, technical support and advice and more, depending on your specific company needs. Eclarity’s managed IT support solutions can be as unique as your company and as flexible as required. Being one of the leading IT support companies in Leeds and the Yorkshire region, you can be confident you are in safe hands.

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How can you benefit by choosing managed IT support services in Leeds?

Having your company’s IT systems managed by experts such as Eclarity is a sensible choice. They say prevention is better than a cure, and when it comes to managed IT support in Leeds, this couldn’t be more resonant. Having a service level agreement (SLA) in place with specialists like Eclarity is a much more cost-effective way to manage your IT, than waiting for something to go wrong and spending large amounts on emergency repairs, which can result in lengthy downtime that can dent your company profits, productivity and reputation.

Having Eclarity handle all your IT needs allows you to focus your time on your business, increasing your efficiency, and without concerns of whether your systems will fail or be victim to cyber-attacks your work can benefit from your full attention. Eclarity offers managed IT support for all Leeds and Yorkshire businesses ensuring protection and optimisation for your IT system as well as minimising the risk of sudden faults and costly emergency repairs.

IT support services for Leeds businesses

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Managed IT support in Leeds ensures all aspects of your IT infrastructure are protected, monitored and reviewed to ensure optimal functionality at all times.


Our business continuity services ensure your company can continue operations following any unpreventable disaster or unexpected failure.

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We offer cloud services to host various software, including Office 365, secure backup, phone systems, Servers, spam protection and more.

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Remote IT solutions are designed so we can not only manage your IT systems without coming to the site but also protect and enhance all work-from-home situations within your organisation.

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Cyber security protects networks, systems, devices and data from cyberattack, through the application of controls, processes and technologies.

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Eclarity understands the need for Leeds businesses to communicate. That’s why we provide phone systems and more to help you stay in touch.

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We supply security systems for all your IT solutions that we also maintain to ensure they are always up to date and can protect against developing online risks.


Our IT Support doesn’t stop with our knowledge and skills. We also provide you with the most reliable hardware, solutions, and softwares for your Leeds business.

Proven managed IT support in Leeds


With over 20 years of experience and a track record of superb customer service, our expert team can offer business IT support in Leeds and the Yorkshire region. Our team have developed many core IT solutions including firewalls, phone systems, building security, disaster recovery and backup, complete IT security, firewalls, server solutions and more. If you want to ensure your business’s online security and overall IT efficiency, contact us to speak to one of our technical experts.

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What is your average response time?

Customers with one of our SLA packages will typically receive a response in under an hour.  

What do your IT Support services include?

Our IT support services include proactive reviews of your systems, hardware installation, technical support from experienced staff, downtime monitoring, systems and infrastructure support, advice on software, hardware and more. The important factor is to ensure your business has what it needs as your SLA should be as unique as your business is.  

Do you provide remote IT Support services?

Yes, most helpdesk tasks can be undertaken remotely – all you need is an internet connection.

What type of IT Support do I need?

The type of IT support needed will vary depending on the size and scope of your business operations as well as what level of support you need. Get in touch with our experts today to get a more accurate idea of what IT support your business needs.

How much does IT Support cost?

The cost of ongoing IT support will vary according to the needs of your company. As each business’s IT support needs are unique – the cost will vary, so get in touch today for a quote.

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