Locations in the UK where we offer IT support services

Situated in the heart of the country, near Birmingham, Eclarity is able to offer its IT support services to a vast array of locations.

Easily able to access the whole of the West Midlands area, and beyond, Eclarity can be onsite in a minimal amount of time to support your IT requirements in person, as well as offering remote assistance 24/7 at the end of the telephone or online 

We are able to provide IT support services across the UK to virtually any location with an internet connection, and as our headquarters is centrally located – the whole country is accessible.

If you don’t see your location – don’t worry! Get in touch with our friendly team and we will be able to help.


We provide IT Support to every UK business sector



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Why should you outsource your IT Support?

Outsourcing your IT support for your UK business has a vast array of benefits, not least that you won’t have to employ someone within the company to take care of your IT needs.

Amongst other benefits, outsourcing your IT support provides: 

  • Cost savingsoutsourced IT support is cheaper than maintaining an in-house IT department. 
  • Access to expertise – IT support providers are skilled professionals who strive to remain at the forefront of technological changes and industry best practices, and they can pass this on. 
  • Scalability and flexibilityoutsourced IT support can adjust with the changing and growing needs of your business – offering enterprise-level IT capabilities to small or medium-sized companies. 
  • Enhanced service levelsIT support services give clear service level agreements (SLAs) and will aim to meet and exceed these to give customer satisfaction and improve service delivery. 
  • 24/7 support and availability – with round-the-clock support, businesses can get help to resolve issues quickly, minimising downtime and mitigating potential disruptions. 
  • Advanced technology and infrastructure – IT support providers can often have access to advanced technologies, tools and infrastructure which means smaller businesses can benefit from these resources without having to invest heavily and enabling them to stay up to date.  
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Quality IT support services for UK SMEs

We at Eclarity offer a range of services that can be tailored to your unique company requirements – all designed to protect, build and support your IT infrastructure from the ground up.

Whether you are looking to implement a new system or are in need of technical know-how, we are able to provide the IT support services you are looking for.