Looking for industry-specific fully managed IT support services?

Eclarity offers managed IT support service packages to suit every sector and industry. Within each sector, there are different requirements for IT support and Eclarity understands how vital it is for each sector and business to have the correct support package for their needs. We offer a completely unique support service for you to ensure that you always have the coverage and support that you need at all times, around the clock.  

it support for education

IT support for the education sector

Schools, colleges and universities rely heavily on their IT systems for learning, communication as well as storage of sensitive data, so a secure and reliable IT system is critical. Eclarity understands the constraints and requirements of the education sector and has wide experience in providing IT support throughout the industry. Read more about our IT support services for the education sector. 


IT support for the finance sector

All businesses in the finance sector are subject to stringent regulations and Eclarity is extremely experienced in supporting businesses in the industry with IT services. Able to offer the highest levels of data management and levels of cybersecurity whilst managing all their operational tasks efficiently our solutions have been tried and tested to meet the needs of the financial sector. Read further about our IT support services to the financial sector. 

it support for financial services
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IT support for the legal sector

Making sure that sensitive client data is kept secure, and that all IT systems continue to function smoothly and without downtime, is essential for all those working in the legal sector. Eclarity works with firms to provide all the IT services that they need on a daily basis and offers the highest levels of cybersecurity – creating a unique IT support plan for your company. Read more about our IT support services to the legal sector here. 


IT support for the manufacturing sector

The manufacturing industry relies heavily on IT for its production machinery as well as for data management, ordering and other systems. Eclarity understands that manufacturing companies can’t afford to lose time to IT issues that cause downtime, communication glitches or compromises on data safety. Read more about how our IT support services for the manufacturing sector can support you. 

it support for manufacturers

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Can’t see your sector? Don’t worry – Eclarity offer fully managed IT support to a number of UK businesses.
Whether you know exactly what your business requirements are or whether you’re struggling to understand exactly what you need – we’re here to help.

Benefits of our IT support services to UK businesses

There are many benefits to having a managed IT support service for your company or business regardless of the sector you operate within.

These benefits include: 

  • Cost-savings – a managed support service for your IT requirements will mean you won’t have to employ people to manage your IT needs within your company – saving you money. A regular monthly payment allows for more streamlined budgeting. 
  • Proactive approach – a managed support service will actively monitor your systems and identify potential problems taking preventative measures rather than waiting to fix breaks after they occur. 
  • Expertise – a team providing managed IT support will be at the forefront of changes and updates in technology, security threats and best practices – giving you the benefit of their knowledge. 
  • Improved security – a managed IT support service provider will actively monitor your systems for vulnerabilities and ensure the most up-to-date security is deployed to protect your data as well as provide data backup and disaster recovery solutions. 
  • Scalability – as your company grows, your support services can accommodate your changing needs, scaling them up or down as your business changes.  
  • A wide offering of tech applications – depending on your needs, most managed support service providers offer cloud services, firewalls, Office 365 packages and much more to support your unique requirements.  
  • Reliable support 24/7 – Depending on the terms of your agreement, you can expect to have the level of support to guarantee quick and quality support for your IT issues around the clock to minimise downtime and maximise productivity. 

Still have questions about our IT support services for businesses?

How much do your fully managed IT services cost?

Many people might imagine that a managed IT support service would be expensive, but if you consider how much employing someone within the company for your IT needs will cost – you will be pleasantly surprised at how much more cost-effective a service is. The cost of a managed IT support service will depend on the level of service, number of users and devices, how many hours of support you need every month as well as other factors. To get an idea of how much it would cost your company, get in touch with an expert member of our team to discuss your managed IT support requirements and to get a free, no-obligation quote.  

How to choose the best IT services provider?

To choose the best managed IT services provider for your unique company’s needs, make sure you consider their experience, reputation and the services that they offer to ensure that they align with your requirements and goals. Eclarity has decades of experience and a long list of satisfied clients who can testify to our impeccable track record as a managed IT support provider.  Read here about why you should outsource your IT support to a company like Eclarity. 

What are the benefits of fully managed IT services?

The benefits of managed IT services are wide and varied, from cost-savings, industry-specific expertise, increased security, fixed monthly costs, 24/7 support and the wide number of services that they can offer amongst others.