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Golf clubs are synonymous with leisure and high standards and loyal members will always expect both. However, if the club’s IT solution failed resulting in business data loss, member record deletion or even data breaches the club could find itself spending a lot of time and money on repairing the system and reputation with its members. So, golf clubs can’t afford to risk getting their IT solution wrong and need a stable and secure system in place from tee-off.   

We are experts in delivering top-level IT support for golf clubs and the leisure industry – and implementing IT solutions into the infrastructure of organisations within various industries including hospitality, finance, retail, construction, care providers and sports and leisure clubs. Our IT solutions are tailored to the needs of each individual company, and we not only implement systems that aid the smooth operation of the organisation but also protect from cyber-attacks. 

Stable IT services for golf clubs are imperative for a streamlined modern club to support its member system with bookings, payments, financial management, marketing and communication and performance records – even creating a mobile app offering members access to all information at the press of a button.  

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IT Support Services for golf clubs


At Eclarity, we have over 25 years of experience in offering IT services designed to build, support and protect your IT infrastructure – all tailored to your company’s unique requirements. Having worked with sports and leisure clubs, we understand the needs of the industry and its members – and offer various IT services for golf clubs to maintain compliance and keep all member data and business information secure in the ever-changing technical climate. 

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Managed IT Support

IT services for golf clubs and other sports and leisure organisations need to include reliable managed and monitored support. At Eclarity, we provide a comprehensive managed IT support solution including system and infrastructure design, installation and configuration and 24/7 downtime monitoring, guaranteeing we can react and resolve possible issues efficiently and effectively.  

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Cyber Security 

Golf clubs and sports and leisure organisations that hold personal data on their internal network should prioritise cyber security in their IT support. Most home computers will have some level of cyber security, but when you are dealing with GDPR and other compliance regulations then you must have additional measures in place.  

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Cloud Solutions 

IT support for golf clubs often includes cloud services to safeguard servers and communications whilst maintaining backups to avoid data loss. The advantage of using a cloud service solution is the added security provided, as online security experts often monitor for threats within the infrastructure, intercepting and disabling them before they can affect your data. 

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Microsoft Office 365 

Microsoft Office 365 is more than just Word, Excel and Powerpoint. The software boasts a whole range of device management capabilities, productivity tools and security, whilst saving organisations money. It is a cloud-based productivity platform that allows remote access, automatic updates and scalability in case of business expansion. 

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Why Golf Clubs Need a Quality IT Support Service


The value of IT support for golf clubs is immeasurable – aiding the streamlined operation of the club whilst securely protecting member data. Efficient administration such as registration, scheduling, payment history and record management is imperative to operations as it allows members easy access to all available club facilities and maintains clear structures and protocols in business administration. A secure IT solution protects all data, including financial information and personal records, with strong cybersecurity ensuring regulation compliance whilst preventing data breaches or any unwanted visitors. 


A tailored IT solution could offer a golf club additional benefits it hadn’t considered. Course management systems can be used to collect numerous data that can be implemented in improving the course structure and member experience. The system can use GPS tracking and mapping technologies to monitor the pace of play and player movement to optimise course layout. It can also measure irrigation and generate precise maintenance schedules tailored to individual holes, improving the game experience and ensuring the surface is maintained to the highest standard. 


An IT service for golf clubs could also include a mobile app which uses the course management systems to generate a virtual caddie to assist members in improving their technique and lowering their scores. 

Benefits of Working with a Trusted IT Support Provider 


At Eclarity, we understand the value of having a secure IT solution in place offering enhanced security and regulation compliance whilst benefiting the members and the game of golf. With over 25 years of experience in providing firewalls, phone systems, complete IT security and more, we are experts in keeping you safe. By implementing course management systems you can improve the layout of your course, improve the member experience and ultimately encourage more members through the door. 


Still have questions about our IT services for golf clubs?

How much does IT support for golf clubs cost?

There are various factors to consider that affect the cost of IT support for golf clubs. Do you have an agreement to pay monthly, hourly or incident based? Is the support a complete managed IT solution or parts of the infrastructure? Are you a multi-site operation? How many users need support and protection? What capacity of server do you use? There may also be additional costs for licenses or specific software such as course management or equipment to monitor and collate data on the course. It is always advised to discuss your unique requirements with one of our experts so we can tailor the perfect IT solution for your company which will save you money in the long term. 

What IT services for golf clubs do you cover?

We offer various IT solutions for multiple industries including Managed IT Support, Cyber Security Solutions, Cloud Solutions, Microsoft Office 365 and more.

How can I choose the best IT services for golf clubs?

You don’t want to choose the best IT services for golf clubs, you want to choose the best IT service for your specific business. With over 25 years of experience in supplying IT solutions to various industries, get in touch with one of our experts and they will discuss all available options, and tailor a solution that works for you. 

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