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When it comes to healthcare, patients like to be assured they are in the reliable, secure hands of medical experts and have their undivided attention. Malfunctioning software, unsecured networks, unintegrated systems and various other IT challenges can prevent medical professionals from focusing fully on the important job at hand and risk becoming non-compliant. Eclarity are experts when it comes to IT and have over 25 years of experience in installing and maintaining IT systems across various industries with streamlined operations, enhanced data cybersecurity, remote access and other vital solutions supplying online protection and IT support for healthcare organisations. 


In the ever-increasing digital landscape, identity theft, data leaks and hacking are a constant threat to all networks but in the healthcare industry, it not only poses a risk of data being stolen and used for illegal financial gain but also risks huge embarrassment to patients who need to irrevocably trust medical professionals – and the reputation of the healthcare industry.  


A secure IT system is of the utmost importance in supporting and protecting local GPs, dentists, mental health facilities, autism support, hospitals, trauma units and all healthcare facilities so you can focus on your patients. 

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What IT support services can we provide for the healthcare sector?


When it comes to IT support for healthcare the important services offered are as invaluable as in any industry. With a lot of data being stored on organisation servers, internal networks or in cloud solutions the risk of attack is always critical. So we make sure our systems are strongly guarded by experts who can adapt to the ever-changing digital threats, whilst also allowing necessary access and sharing for medical professionals.

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Cyber Security

Cyber security should be a priority in IT support for dental practices, autism support units, hospitals and other healthcare facilities that retain a lot of personal data on their internal network. Most personal computers will have a degree of cyber security, but when operating in an industry where retained data is highly confidential, stronger measures must be taken to prevent unwanted visitors from your internal network.  

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Cloud Solutions

IT services in healthcare often involve cloud services to protect communications and servers whilst keeping secure backups to prevent data loss. The benefit of a cloud service solution is the additional protection offered as they tend to have security experts monitoring for threats within the infrastructure who disable them before they come close to your data.

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Networks and Wi-Fi

IT services in healthcare often begin with your network and Wi-Fi. We design and install systems considering factors such as capacity, coverage and network segmentation and continually monitor for bandwidth issues, connectivity, traffic and other metrics to optimise performance We also install security measures such as firewalls, IDS and VPNs to monitor and repel potential threats.  

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Managed IT Support

IT support for hospitals and other healthcare organisations needs to be managed and controlled by a service you can trust. At Eclarity we offer a comprehensive managed IT service that includes system & infrastructure design, installation & configuration as well as 24/7 downtime monitoringensuring we can respond and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Managed IT support also runs proactive system reviews and provides essential expert information on hardware and software that could improve your service.  

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Why the healthcare industry needs a quality IT support solution?


The value of IT support in healthcare is immeasurable, covering a wide gamut of frontline medical services. Efficient patient care such as registration, scheduling, record management and data sharing is imperative to operations as it allows patients to process through administration smoothly and allows medical professionals instant access to valuable information on every patient. A secure IT solution can protect all data, including confidential patient records, test results, organisation administration and any other sensitive information, with robust cybersecurity safeguarding patients, preventing data breaches and complying with all governing regulations. 

A well-managed system can also aid the integration between medical professionals and equipment. Effective communication is essential in operating a health service and by having support machines maintaining easily accessible up-to-date information, patients can be treated more efficiently. Modern equipment captures detailed data through examinations and monitoring procedures such as CT scans and imaging systems and shares resulting information through the IT network. The integration of IT in information sharing and managing administration leaves medical professionals available to focus on the job of healing the sick

A quality IT solution can also be used to analyse data to aid innovation whilst assuring ever-changing regulations and compliance requirements are met with implemented data encryption and recorded accordingly. 

Benefits of working with an experienced IT support company for healthcare


At Eclarity, we understand the importance of having a secure IT solution in place, offering enhanced security and compliance and 24/7 medical IT support. Patients can’t wait and neither can you which is why an installed unified communication system offers all practitioners immediate contact and regular strategic consultancy is offered to aid continual development and improvement. With over 20 years of experience in providing firewalls, phone systems, complete IT security and more, we are experts in keeping you safe.  


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Still have questions about our IT services in healthcare? 

What should I look for in a healthcare IT company?

When looking for IT services in healthcare, it is always advised to research what you wish to achieve, but a quality IT company will be able to guide you through the whole process and offer you a solution built with your needs in mind. An experienced company understand that their clients may not specialise in technology and will leave out the jargon and speak to you in plain English. Always look for recent online reviews to get a feel of the IT company from real-life customers.  

How much does IT support for healthcare cost?

There are a lot of factors to consider that can affect the cost of IT support in healthcare. Do you have an agreement to pay hourly or incident based? Is the support a complete managed IT solution or parts of the infrastructure? How large is your operation? How many users need support and protection? What capacity of server do you use? An approximate monthly cost for a small clinic such as an autism support facility would range between one and three thousand pounds and for a hospital or healthcare facility with complex needs, the amount would be considerably higher 

What health IT is most used in patient care?

Various IT services in healthcare are used primarily for patient care including electronic health records which are comprehensive digital medical records easily accessed and shared by authorised medical professionals. Computerised physician order entry systems allow easy management of prescriptions, laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging and other procedures whilst streamlining the whole process. Remote patient monitoring enables healthcare providers to collect health data of patients not on site and monitor them to give a clear insight into the patient’s health and well-being. With many more applications available for IT in patient care and development and innovations occurring all the time.  

What is the role of IT in human health?

IT support in healthcare has advanced the services patients receive with continued innovation in monitoring, examining, recording and streamlining Small devices can be worn or implanted to continually monitor ongoing conditions whilst larger equipment can be used to examine deeper and detect any potential concerns. All information and data can be stored in an online file that allows authorised medical professionals to access full and concise data regarding each individual and any past or current conditions they have. This means any authorised medical professional throughout the world can access your data immediately 

Which type of data is most used in healthcare?

Global healthcare organisations and facilities utilise various data to enable concise patient care, research and development, administration and procedural decision-making. Electric health records keep all patient data collated and easily accessible. Clinical and laboratory data are collected and analysed to look for development opportunities, innovations and advancements in modern medicine. Administration data ensure the smooth operation of the facility and equipment, and procedure data can aid in making the correct decision regarding patient treatment.  

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