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More than ever schools, colleges and universities are relying on their IT systems for their day-to-day functions and effective learning. However, traditional IT support for education doesn’t always offer the level of direction, knowledge and know-how that is required. As ICT is so ingrained in the curriculum it is crucial to have the appropriate IT support in place for enhancing the experience of both staff and students who have high expectations and requirements for the IT services offered. When there are budgetary constraints on schools, colleges and universities, it can be frequently challenging to get upgrades or support when they’re needed and many IT support systems in education are relying on intricate legacy systems and processes that aren’t efficient, secure or economical.  

An expert team offering a managed IT support service, such as the services that Eclarity offers, can help in these situations. With a maintained IT support service outsourced to Eclarity, we can work as an extension of your internal IT department. We offer IT support for schools, colleges and universities as well as educational trusts in Bromsgrove, Birmingham, Worcester, across the West Midlands and the nation. Whether you’re looking into IT support services for the first time or want to re-evaluate the worth of your current contract, we are happy to support you in your search and offer a no-obligation, free quotation.  

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What IT support services can we provide for your school?

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Microsoft Office 365

An increasingly valuable tool for educational establishments, Microsoft Office 365 can manage email and file storage as well as being able to be used for document writing or PowerPoint presentations and so much more. Able to be accessed by any computer on the network, it saves students from having to carry devices around the campus and everything can be backed up to cloud storage.  

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Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions for educational establishments mean secure backup for your data and information, phone systems on campus and also save having to give up valuable space to hosting servers onsite. The use of cloud systems as part of an IT support service will also enable email to be hosted and protected and will take the headache out of your internet management.  

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Cyber Security Solutions

One of the most vital aspects of IT solutions within educational establishments is their cyber security as they handle sensitive data and have vulnerable young people using the internet on their sites. Our cyber security systems include Watchguard Firewalls, antivirus and email filtering as well as much more. Every system is tailored to your requirements to keep your staff and students safe.  

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Networks and Wi-Fi

Having a good and reliable Wi-Fi connection is vital nowadays for every educational establishment, so making sure that you have the best internet connection and hardware is essential. This ensures that everyone can get connected when they need to, whilst being protected from hackers and viruses. We offer reliable Zyxel Wi-Fi with fireguards to protect your staff and students.  

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Why schools need a quality IT Support solution

Schools, colleges and universities rely on IT for almost every aspect of their function and therefore require a solid IT support service that can include data recovery plans, secure Wi-Fi networks, fast connection speeds and cloud solutions such as Microsoft Office 365.

The sheer volume of IT needs for an educational establishment means that the task is usually more than can be supported by onsite staff alone and outsourcing that IT support to a company like Eclarity can take much of the pressure and responsibility off the shoulders of the IT staff within the school. A quality IT support service also guarantees 24/7 support with helplines to experienced IT engineers and the monitoring and managing of downtime, as well as problem fixes when they arise.

At Eclarity we believe in creating or designing an IT security system that provides the exact protection that your establishment needs and our security by design principle means that we will craft the ideal cyber security package for your needs as well as the IT solutions that your staff and students require to operate their internet access and productivity tools. We also can help you move your old, traditional PSTN phone system to an internet-based system before the old networks are switched off

Eclarity – here to help the education sector

Eclarity fully understands how your educational establishment from schools and colleges to universities needs a trustworthy and knowledgeable IT support service to rely on for their IT requirements.

Regardless of where your school is physically located, whether in Worcester or Wolverhampton, Bromsgrove or Birmingham to anywhere in the UK, we can support your IT needs. We offer monitoring of all your IT resources with a 24/7 helpline available – an expert technician is on hand whenever you need them.

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Still have questions about our IT support for schools? 

Can you provide new hardware for schools?

When needed, Eclarity can supply and set up new hardware, such as laptops, for schools and colleges as part of their service in supporting the IT needs of that establishment. Discuss your hardware supply options with a member of our friendly team.  

How can schools improve their cyber security?

Educational establishments can improve their cyber security by making sure that they have robust cyber security policies and controlling user access. They need to educate staff and students about the dangers and best practices for staying safe while using the internet, how to create strong passwords and two-factor authentication practices. A partnership with an IT support provider, such as Eclarity, can help with web and content filtering and installations of secure network infrastructure. Can also put firewalls in place and make sure that systems and software are regularly updated. A good IT support service will also be able to support you if there are problems and backup is needed, or system recovery, making sure that data isn’t lost.  

Why is safe Wi-Fi important for schools?

Safe Wi-Fi is crucial for schools for a variety of reasons; they need to protect student and staff’s privacy as well as the vast amounts of confidential data to which they need to have access. Safe Wi-Fi is also important for filtering inappropriate content and protecting students from explicit material or cyberbullying to promote a safe and conducive learning environment.

Safe Wi-Fi is important for protection against cyber-attacks and to promote responsible internet use and an effective teaching and learning space as well as general compliance with regulations in the UK for educational establishments. Many schools, colleges and universities encourage students to bring, and use, their own devices and so the Wi-Fi needs to be safe for these devices to connect safely to the internet and prevent any security vulnerabilities. Since the pandemic, many educational establishments use remote, or blended, learning and therefore safe Wi-Fi to connect to virtual classrooms and access online resources or collaborations is necessary.  

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