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Eclarity is skilled at providing IT solutions for the financial industry to ensure the highest levels of data management and security and yet enabling operational efficiency. IT solutions for financial service providers allow for accounting, payroll, risk management and reporting amongst other functions and help to mitigate against errors which will enable faster and more accurate decision making. With the vast amounts of sensitive and confidential information that financial service providers have to handle, privacy, protection, managing and securing the data are vital against cyber threats – and effective IT solutions help to handle these tasks and risks.

IT solutions for financial services will also ensure smooth customer service for your business’s clients, providing online banking services and mobile applications, as well as enabling them to seek support conveniently and safely – giving your business credibility. IT support for financial services will help with reporting and accurate record-keeping, preventing non-compliance penalties and reputational damage as well as protecting against fraud and market volatility. Eclarity is familiar with the requirements and challenges of the financial services industry and is fully equipped to support your business.

it support for financial services

What IT support services can we provide for the finance sector?

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Managed IT Support 

A managed IT support package for your financial services will mean that you can focus on the business of providing your services without the headache of managing and updating your IT networks. Eclarity will ensure that you remain compliant and that all your systems are securely protected and at the competitive edge of technological innovation. We can tailor your IT support package to your specific requirements.

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Cloud Solutions

For financial service providers, cloud solutions provide backup for your data and information, onsite phone systems and the ability to save valuable office space for servers by having everything hosted safely in the cloud. Additionally hosting and protecting email is possible with the use of cloud systems for your business as part of an IT support package, which makes managing your internet systems less of a hassle and frees you up to deliver your financial services to your customers.

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Cyber Security Solutions

Owing to the sensitive and confidential nature of the information that financial service providers handle, cyber security is vital. Not only do you need to protect your clients’ information, but it is essential to protect against cyber threats, fraud and market volatility. At Eclarity, we use Watchguard Firewalls, antivirus software, email filtering and many more cyber security tools all of which are customised to protect your personnel and data.

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Networks and Wi-Fi

Making sure that you have the best internet connection and hardware is crucial to the smooth running of your financial services and your company’s reputation. Ensuring a strong and dependable Wi-Fi network and connection enables you to remain safe from hackers and viruses whilst continuing to provide your services reliably. We provide Zyxel Wi-Fi with fireguards to ensure a network you can rely on.

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Why the financial services industry needs a quality IT support solution

As financial services providers deal with vast quantities of sensitive and confidential data, including customer information, financial transactions and market data they need a quality IT support solution to safeguard it all reliably.

Eclarity understands that financial service providers have a vast range of regulatory standards that they have to meet and maintain set by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as well as regulations set by GDPR and Market Abuse Regulations (MAR), Payment Services Regulations (PSR) and Money Laundering Regulations, which is why having the right IT support solutions to ensure compliance is vital.

Financial providers are at higher risk of fraud and cyber-attacks, so having reliable security is essential, as is a backup plan for situations where downtime could cause vulnerabilities as well as halting your regular operations. A quality IT support solution for your financial services will mean that you have 24/7 support from the helpline with an experienced IT support engineer on hand day or night to protect your network, systems and data as it will offer continuity for your services and reduce the risk of data loss or prolonged downtime that can damage your company’s reputation.

Our 24/7 helpline gives you peace of mind that you can access technical assistance and support whenever you need it, and will enhance your business’s productivity and customer satisfaction.

Eclarity – reliable IT support providers for financial services

Eclarity is confident that we can offer your financial service company the best and highest quality IT support as we provide many key benefits, such as:

  • 24/7 monitoring and technical support from expert staff
  • System installation, configuration and updates as well as infrastructure management
  • Expert advice on services, both hardware and software
  • System integration for smooth communication and efficient workflow
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Scalability and growth – we can support you through future development and growth
  • Innovation and competitive advantage – keeping you ahead of the curve technologically and ahead of your competition in terms of what you offer your clients

Still have questions about our IT support? 

How can I choose the best IT solutions for finance?

You need to consider various factors when choosing the best IT for your financial services company. These begin with your requirements and objectives as a company, including the size of your organisation and the nature of your financial services, your current IT infrastructure and any challenges you are looking to address. You need to conduct a thorough assessment of your IT system and identify any gaps or areas that need improvement – considering data management, security, scalability, integration, automation, reporting and compliance. Every financial service provider is unique, and each will require a bespoke IT solution, so get in touch today with an expert member of our team to discuss your perfect IT solution.

How much do IT support for financial services cost?

Eclarity offers a number of different packages at various pricing points as well as the option to create a bespoke plan specifically tailored to your company. We’re certain that we can offer comparable services much more affordably than employing someone to take care of your IT requirements from within the company. For pricing that matches your company’s needs and bespoke packages, get in touch today.

How can a custom IT solution for the financial industry help me stay compliant?

A custom IT support solution, which is tailored to your financial services requirements, will help you stay compliant with the regulations as it can monitor and track regulatory changes and update you on amendments, deadlines and proactively address any new regulatory changes. The data management and reporting facilities make it so easy to audit and process reports as well as provide effective risk management. As the financial industry handles vast amounts of sensitive data, a custom IT solution can integrate robust security measures with encryption protocols and access controls and will also look to the future of your company’s growth considering scalability and adaptability. The regulations of the FCA and other financial bodies must be complied with to avoid penalties and loss of reputation and a reliable IT solution will ensure you meet all the requirements for compliance.

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