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There are vast challenges in the legal sector in terms of regulatory requirements and the secure protection of clients’ sensitive data. Eclarity has been at the forefront of IT support to the legal sector for decades as we fully understand the need for all companies, and those working in the legal sector, to have reliable and effective IT systems. At law firms both big and small, solicitors and lawyers all need to have IT systems that they can rely on for a vast amount of their daily operations. Whether it’s preparing legal documents, communication and video conferencing as well as data storage and management, legal companies rely on IT to function efficiently.  

IT support for lawyers, solicitors and law firms should enable you to get on with what you’re there to do, provide legal services and advice, and free your teams up from having to deal with software updates, cyber security or other services that you need to have running effectively. With the huge quantities of sensitive and confidential information that those in the legal sector handle, the privacy and security of this information is paramount and our IT support services for the legal sector make sure that all of your systems are securely protected from cyber threats and data breaches. 

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What IT support services do we provide for the legal sector? 

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Managed IT Support

All aspects of your IT system are taken care of and reviewed to guarantee that all systems operate correctly and efficiently, that downtime is minimised or avoided, and backup and restoration are taken care of in the event of an issue. Eclarity manages all your IT services, meaning that you don’t have to, and our managed IT support services are tailored to your unique requirements.  

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Cyber Security Solutions

A vital element of every legal company is their cyber security, owing to the sensitive and confidential information and data that they handle daily. Lawyers, solicitors and all law firms have to safeguard the data of their clients and are also vulnerable to other online threats. Eclarity uses the most up-to-date antivirus programmes, email filters, WatchGuard Firewalls and many other security products which are tailored to protect your employees’ and clients’ data. 

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Cloud Solutions

Eclarity offers a wide range of cloud solutions for your law firm’s needs. Whether you need to ensure that data is backed up securely, need a VoIP phone system or want the option to have your servers hosted securely in the cloud – saving you space in your office from physical server storage – or want your email hosted to keep it protected then we are sure that we have the solution that you need. 

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Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is an extremely versatile product that is becoming more and more popular among legal service providers. Great for creating documents, collaborating on materials, storing files, PowerPoint presentations and more, it boasts safe and secure email and enables colleagues to connect online to work on legal documents or cases regardless of where they are.  

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Why is quality IT support for solicitors, lawyers and the legal sector crucial? 

The legal sector handles vast amounts of sensitive and confidential client data, from case files, contracts, intellectual property and personal information. Reliable IT support will ensure that this data is properly managed, stored and protected.

IT support will also help legal companies to be compliant with the many regulations that are required by data protection laws, and ethical guidelines, implementing appropriate security measures, data protection protocols and making sure that regular audits are taken to guarantee ongoing compliance and the protection of sensitive data.

Aside from data security and compliance, Eclarity can also support the legal sector’s IT requirements by offering document management systems, legal research tools, cloud services as well as business continuity and disaster recovery.

Eclarity – the experts in IT support for the legal sector 


Eclarity is fully aware of the need for a dependable and experienced IT support service for your legal company’s requirements, whether you’re a lawyer or solicitors’ office, a small or large law firm. We can serve your IT support needs wherever your legal company is situated in the country, whether in Worcester, Bromsgrove, Birmingham, Wolverhampton or elsewhere in the UK.

We provide assistance with hardware issues, software updates, security breaches and any other technical issue that could arise. With 24/7 helpline access and monitoring of all your IT resources –a member of our expert team is always on hand.

To discover more about how Eclarity can support your IT operations, get in touch today to discuss your IT support needs and to receive a free, no-obligation quote.  



Still have questions about our IT support? 

How can I choose the best IT solutions for small law firms?

When you’re looking for the best IT solutions for your small law firm, you need to consider your current and future IT needs and research the IT solutions that could work well for you. Make sure you look for an IT support provider with a strong track record and positive customer testimonials. Set a budget to make sure that you allow for ongoing expenses as well as licensing fees and maintenance contracts. Our expert team at Eclarity is happy to help you to evaluate your needs and provide a free, no-obligation quote for your consideration. We have decades of experience and many positive testimonials from satisfied clients to help you rest assured that your IT support needs are in the best hands possible. 

What security measures are in place to protect sensitive data as IT support within the legal sector?

In the legal sector, some common security measures might include having access controls – ensuring that only authorised personnel can access sensitive data – with multi-factor authentication and password policies. Encryption can protect data that is stored on servers or in databases. Data backups and disaster recovery strategies are vital to restore systems in the event of an emergency. Malware protection and firewalls as part of your network security will help to prevent any viruses or unauthorised access attempts. Eclarity is familiar with all the latest security measures and can advise on the best product to keep your legal company’s data secure.  

How can a custom IT solution for the legal sector help me ensure compliance with regulations such as GDPR and others?

A customised IT solution for the legal sector can incorporate features to facilitate proper data management and consent mechanisms as well as be designed with robust security measures to protect the data. Custom IT solutions can generate reports and provide auditing capabilities to demonstrate compliance with regulations and they can incorporate monitoring systems which also include alerts and notifications for changes in regulations. An experienced IT provider, such as Eclarity, will ensure that the custom solution effectively addresses the legal company’s compliance requirements both within the UK and internationally, when necessary.  

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