Managed IT support for the manufacturing industry 

IT support is crucial for the manufacturing industry for a variety of reasons, as it brings numerous benefits to their operations. Many manufacturing companies rely on complex IT infrastructure to manage their production processes, data storage as well as communication systems and they often rely heavily on technology – computer systems, software applications and specialised equipment to run their productions.

A good IT support service will understand the industry-specific technology challenges that a manufacturer faces – whether that is computer-aided engineering, remote teams working from home, product life cycle or data management, the production processes and any other technology that is pertinent to a manufacturing company and their processes. 

For manufacturers in the West Midlands and across the country, we offer IT support that is a bespoke package for your company’s needs. Whether you’re looking to reassess the value of your current contract or are looking into IT support services for the first time, our team is happy to assist you with a free, no-obligation quote. 

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Our IT solutions for the manufacturing industry 

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Managed IT Support 

With a managed IT support plan for your manufacturing company, you can concentrate on running your business without worrying about maintaining and updating your IT systems. Eclarity will make sure you stay compliant and that your systems are safe, secure and on the cutting edge of innovation. Your IT support plan can be customised to suit the requirements of your unique company.  

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Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions for manufacturing companies will give you a backup of your data and information, phone systems, software applications and the option to host servers safely in the cloud, saving you space on the manufacturing room floor. Additionally, using cloud systems as part of an IT support package makes it possible to host and protect email and customer relationship management tools – as well as support any team that is working remotely to enhance connectivity.  

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Remote Working Solutions

With the growing popularity of working remotely, or having engineers on the road, IT support is vital for supporting collaboration and communication as well as remote monitoring of machinery or equipment. At Eclarity, we can install Watchguard Firewalls for secure VPN links and 3CX phone systems to keep your team connected amongst other applications. We provide a work from home solution that is unique to your manufacturing company’s needs. 

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Cyber Security Solutions

Manufacturing companies are often the targets of cyber attacks and at Eclarity we understand that a robust cyber security system is vital. The management and protection of data, both of customers and the company’s as well as preventing viruses and other online threats needs to be a priority and Eclarity has years of experience in building bespoke IT packages to support your manufacturing company’s cyber security. 

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Increase productivity and security with IT support for the manufacturing industry 

A good IT support service for the manufacturing industry will significantly increase productivity by minimising downtime and streamlining processes and automation.

Efficient equipment maintenance and improved data management and analysis will also be a benefit of IT support as well as enhanced collaboration and communication – all leading to increased productivity. Having an IT support service will mean 24/7 support from some of the top experts in the IT field – leaving you with peace of mind that your IT systems are in the best hands, while you get on with what you do best – running your business.

Having a managed IT support package for your manufacturing business will mean that any maintenance or repair tasks can be undertaken proactively – preventing downtime and ensuring that equipment continues to operate at peak performance. An IT support package will be more cost-effective than running an in-house IT department, and you will have a team of professionals who are continually striving to remain at the forefront of IT developments and changes as well as regulations – meaning that you can be sure you’ll remain compliant as a company. 

Eclarity – your expert manufacturing IT Support providers

An IT support package for the manufacturing sector provides a range of benefits which includes managing production processes, data storage and communication systems, and rapid resolution of technical issues to minimise production delays and improve overall productivity.

An IT support provider will provide cyber security solutions as well as enhanced communication and collaboration and save the cost of hiring an in-house IT team. Importantly, an IT support provider will help your company to meet compliance requirements and protect data as well as streamline manufacturing operations – leading to reduced downtime and higher customer satisfaction.  

The benefits and cost savings are vast, so get in touch with Eclarity today to discover what a bespoke IT support package could mean to your manufacturing company.  


Still have questions about our IT support for manufacturers? 

What role does IT support play in increasing manufacturing efficiency?

IT support is able to increase efficiency and productivity in the manufacturing industry by providing cloud services for software, phone systems, data storage and email filtering and more. IT support can also give round the clock support from an expert engineer – whenever an issue arises – as well as monitoring systems and proactively checking for areas that need repair or maintenance – keeping any downtime to an absolute minimum, and also providing backup and disaster recovery in the event of falling victim to a virus or cyber-attack.  

How cost effective is it to outsource IT support?

Outsourcing your IT support is so much more cost effective than hiring an IT manager within the company as you can scale your support package to meet the requirements of the company and increase the support as the company grows. An IT support package is also a proactive way to save money by preventing downtime or loss of revenue in the event of a cyber-attack. Read more here about the benefits of outsourcing IT support.

How can the right IT support drive growth in the manufacturing sector?

Staying up to date with the latest technologies and processes can enable your manufacturing company to streamline procedures, improve collaboration and communication and save time which can enable the company to grow and flourish. Choosing the right IT support will also mean that all production and customer management systems can be streamlined – leading to increased productivity and greater client satisfaction.  

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