No matter the size of your business having the right broadband or lease line for your needs is imperative. Each business and its internet needs vary, therefore, here, at Eclarity we help ensure that you have the right broadband or lease line for your requirements.

Lease line or broadband?

After discussing your business needs we will have a good idea of whether a lease line or broadband would be more suitable. But what is the difference between the two?

Lease lines are usually more expensive due to the fact that they offer:

  • Higher maximum speeds
  • Fixed connection speed
  • Providers offer SLAs therefore fix time can be quicker
  • Static IP addresses

However, not every business needs the robustness and speeds that lease lines offer. Broadband is usually a much more suitable solution for smaller businesses that need little bandwidth.

Our process

Here, at Eclarity, we will turnkey your whole solution, from ensuring you have the right package from one of our providers to installing your business lease line or broadband.

Step 1

Discuss your business needs including users, internet usage and more.

Step 2

Liaise with our providers (Zen, Enta & City Fibre) to find the right solution

Step 3

Install your business broadband or lease line