What are Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning?

Business Continuity is about ensuring that your business’ critical operations can continue to operate following a regular failure or more serious disaster – fundamental to this is a company’s IT systems. Eclarity can both pre-emptively plan for any IT disaster and help provide your business with a strategy to negate other non-IT-related risks. This process is referred to as Disaster Recovery planning.

There are two main elements to the initial process. First is an in-depth and quantifiable risk assessment that both identifies and qualifies IT risks, followed by a Disaster Recovery plan to be followed in each scenario. This helps to ensure that if an unplanned disruption occurs, your services will continue to function or can be brought back online as quickly as possible. High-risk items can be seen and prioritised for change to reduce their impact, ensuring a highly efficient use and targeting of funds for remedial action.

The methodology that Eclarity follows can be applied to other areas of Business Continuity planning to cover all the potentially impacted parts of a business, including plans for business processes, human resources, assets and business partners.

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Iona Carter
Iona Carter
I started working with Eclarity about a year or so ago, and I can honestly say that it was the best decision I've ever made when it comes to IT stuff. They are incredibly helpful, quick to respond to any issue or even the smallest of questions.... and most importantly for me, talk in a language that a technophobe such as myself can understand!
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Sammy Ottley
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Mark Laing
Fantastic technical support and planning for our company from Eclarity over many years, nothing is too much trouble. Friendly and reliable service, highly recommended

Business Continuity Solutions Made to Prevent and Protect

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Risk Assessments

Our team will run an IT risk assessment analysing potential threats and vulnerabilities to your IT systems to establish what loss can be expected if the worst were to happen. Each identified risk is quantified and assessed for impact and likelihood to guide prioritisation for remediation. From there, we can create a plan to negate some of the risks.

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Disaster Recovery Planning

Our teams will produce a structured scheme to combat issues and ensure that your data, IT infrastructure and normal functions can continue to operate or be quickly recovered in the event of an issue. Disaster Recovery planning aims to help your business to continue to perform, during and after an incident.

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Continuous Improvements

The key to efficient IT spend is knowing where risks and weaknesses lie.  As these become more understood and quantifiable, it becomes easier to focus on where the best gains can be made so that preventative measures can be undertaken in a planned and proactive manner.

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Cloud Backup & Data Recovery

Ultimately things can go wrong. Sometimes all you can do is reach for the backup and recover data and systems, so this needs to be a robust end-stop to everything that you can confidently rely on. Eclarity has a wide range of on-premise, cloud and hybrid storage solutions that will protect your business from lost data in all eventualities.


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Why Business Continuity Planning is So Important


During normal running, your business is functioning at its optimal rate. You can monitor revenue, intake, sales and so much more. However, if an IT issue were to occur, it may affect timely operation or result in a loss of data, either of which may lead to a host of problems for your business and your customers. The Imperial College of Mathematicians suggests that UK businesses are losing £12.3 billion per year through downtime incidents.

Business Continuity planning is fundamental to your business to ensure that if the worst were to happen, your systems regain operational status promptly and access to data is maintained, minimising downtime, lost sales, reputational damage and regulatory fines. Even with preventative measures in place, a failure can be a difficult time for your business – and without preventative measures, it can be disastrous.

Planning ahead ensures that your business has a form of insurance policy for your data and IT systems. Eclarity’s services will protect you from the worst and save you from excessive headaches, lost revenue and customer frustration.

Don’t let the worst catch you off guard – plan ahead with Eclarity.

WatchGuard Firebox T Series

WatchGuard Firewall – A Businesss Continuity Solution

For several years Eclarity has been a trusted Gold Partner and provider of WatchGuard Firewalls and their enhanced Next Generation security services. Rely on WatchGuard Firewalls to protect you from malware, zero-day threats, unwanted guests and so much more.

To learn more about the benefits of WatchGuard Firewalls contact us today.

Prevent and Protect with Eclarity Disaster Recovery Plans


Eclarity have been providing IT solutions to local clients within Worcester and the West Midlands, as well as across the entire UK for over 20 years! We always place great focus on reliability, a solution may function when new and first installed but will it still do so when something goes wrong?

Our teams are knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced in all aspects of providing IT services, whether you’re a 10-user SME or 5,000 user Enterprise. Our goal is to bring enterprise-level solutions to all markets by keeping IT effective and simple then scaling solutions to suit.

Our core IT solutions could save your business valuable time leaving you to get on with what really matters: your business.

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Eclarity doesn’t stop at Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, we also provide a range of other useful services to support your business.


Are Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery different?

Yes and no. The first is an overall desire whereas the second is part of the solution, the planned action you may take in the event of an incident or failure.

Why do I need a Business Continuity plan?

If your business would be adversely affected by downtime, loss of data or function then you need to be prepared and know how to respond quickly to any challenge.

What's involved in a Business Continuity plan?

You first need experts in the methodology and approach needed, who will build a structured assessment method to get the best result. You also need to input time and thought from the business itself to ensure what matters to you is included. Finally, you need a partner with the skills to then assess and mitigate the identified risks through targeted action.

What's the goal of a Business Continuity plan?

Quite simply to totally negate or limit the impact of any business disruption event that may be foreseen, and hopefully those that are complete surprises!

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