Cloud services is a very broad term covering various systems and software that are hosted in the ‘cloud’.

What is the ‘cloud’?

The ‘cloud’ is not a physical location, it refers to an ecosystem made up of software, systems, servers and more that are run over the internet rather than locally on a machine.

What cloud services are there?

Here, at Eclarity, we offer cloud services including:

Additionally, we use cloud-managed network software to centrally manage customer networks. Such as switches and access points for monitoring and easy configuration changes (Zyxel Nebula).

The main question we get asked by customers is “why cloud” and there is no simple answer as each cloud service has different benefits compared to their non-cloud counterparts. But due to the vast range of services available there is also no one-size-fits-all cloud service offering, therefore, we like to ensure we have spent the time understanding your needs and requirements before making any recommendations.

These types of services aren’t always the right solution for every company, and here at Eclarity, we take it upon ourselves to ensure that you have the right systems for your requirements. Contact us today and find out whether cloud solutions are for you.