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Cyber Security is the application of technologies, controls and processes implemented to protect systems, networks, programs, devices and data from cyberattacks. Effective Cyber Security reduces the risk from cyberattacks and protects against the exploitation of systems, networks and your data.

Most businesses implement common solutions such as basic firewalls, antivirus and email filtering – but Cyber Security solutions should include much more. Zero Day malware protection with advanced anti-exploit and heuristics-based scanning, application layer firewalls, zero trust policies, anti-phishing technologies and the human firewall are good places to start. Good system design goes a long way to mitigate risks and then intelligent use of security products gets you where you should be.

As a Cyber Security solutino provider, Eclarity will identify key areas to target, focussing on weak points and balancing to a budget to create a detailed Cyber Security plan to better protect you and your business, securing your data and systems from attack.

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Iona Carter
Iona Carter
I started working with Eclarity about a year or so ago, and I can honestly say that it was the best decision I've ever made when it comes to IT stuff. They are incredibly helpful, quick to respond to any issue or even the smallest of questions.... and most importantly for me, talk in a language that a technophobe such as myself can understand!
Sammy Ottley
Sammy Ottley
Great company to work with, have dealt with Fraser numerous times and he has been incredibly helpful.
Mark Laing
Mark Laing
Fantastic technical support and planning for our company from Eclarity over many years, nothing is too much trouble. Friendly and reliable service, highly recommended

Cyber Security Services from Eclarity

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An Application Layer Firewall is a network security device that monitors and filters incoming and outgoing data traffic (usually from the Internet) in line with established security protocols and policies. Installing a firewall as part of your Cyber Security solutions is a first line to protect from outside cyber attackers, shielding your systems from malicious traffic.

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Email Protection

All businesses and organisations come under attack via email, it is the number 1 delivery mechanism for malware and exploits. Threats are often subtler than direct attacks with targeted phishing being used to leverage an entry point or simply exploit via deceptive messages appearing to come from colleagues or friends.

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Virus Protection

Antivirus (AV) and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) are Endpoint software products that detect, quarantine and block malware from spreading to your devices. AV works at a file level looking for known signatures, whereas ATP monitors for suspicious activity enabling the detection of Zero Day exploits.

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Patching & Risk Assessment

An often missed but critical preventative item, if exploits and security holes are regularly patched and configured around then your systems are simply less vulnerable to attack. Many of the largest global data breaches that have ever occurred were exploited via known and easily avoidable security holes.

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EDR provides unparalleled visibility into the data flow of malicious activity with your systems, allowing exploits and breaches to be viewed, understood and stopped.  MDR brings expert 24/7 monitoring by a dedicated SOC where a human is able to take assertive action at any time day or night.  XDR then extends this real-time scrutiny into the rest of your network.


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Why Your Business Needs Cyber Security Solutions

Whilst most businesses understand Cyber Security covers a host of technologies that can be implemented to better protect their devices and hardware, a staggering four in ten businesses (39%) and a quarter of charities (26%) report having experienced a Cyber Security breach or attack. Prevention is always better than a costly and time-consuming cure or repair.

The number of cyberattacks occurring on a daily basis is impossible to calculate but figures suggest that perhaps every UK SMB will be attacked on a daily basis with a successful breach occurring every few seconds. Without an effective and maintained Cyber Security soution you are simply in a queue awaiting your breach.

What’s more, with growing numbers of employees working remotely or in a hybrid work environment the number of breach points into your systems is increasing by orders of magnitude, it has never been more essential for businesses to have effective Cyber Security to protect their systems and users.

WatchGuard Firebox T Series

WatchGuard Firewall – A Cyber Security Solution

For several years Eclarity has been a trusted Gold Partner and provider of WatchGuard Firewalls and their enhanced Next Generation security services. Rely on WatchGuard Firewalls to protect you from malware, zero-day threats, unwanted guests and so much more. To learn more about the benefits of WatchGuard Firewalls contact us today.

Secure your Business with Eclarity Solutions


For the past 20 years, Eclarity have been providing high-quality and effectively managed Cyber Security services to businesses across Worcestershire, Warwickshire and the West Midlands, as well as across the UK.

With a wealth of experience and specialists available to provide Cyber Security solutions to best protect your business, Eclarity is the trusted choice for protecting from malware, viruses, attacks and more.

We work with clients in a variety of industries providing a skilled team you can trust to support your business and protect you from cyber threats.

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Aside from managed Cyber Security solutions, we also offer a host of other services to better support your business from threats and attacks online.

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What are Cyber Security solutions?

Cyber Security is the collection of designs, processes, technologies and controls that you deploy to protect your systems, data, programs and devices from malicious cyberattacks.

Why is Cyber Security important for businesses?

A Cyber Security failure will inevitably lead to a breach, which in turn will result in a loss. Whether this loss is minor or major can be the luck of the draw but in an extreme can and does close a business.

How am I at risk without Cyber Security?

If you operate with a computer, phone, tablet or other data driven electronic device then access to it or the data it contains is of value and interest to an attacker. Do not mistake, you are a valid target. Speak to an expert at Eclarity today to see how we can keep you protected.

What can I expect as part of a Cyber Security solution?

Layers. There is no magic bullet, no single-fit solution and no “do once and forget” method of protection. Cyber Security is an ever-evolving service involving preventative, speculative and reactive methods layered across breach points and devices to reduce the attack surface and man the gates.

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