What is Network Visibility?

Simply put, network visibility, is the ability to see a whole network, depending on your current IT this could include:

  • Computers
  • Switches
  • Servers
  • Access points
  • Phones
  • Printers
  • and more

What is Network Management?

Being able to visualise a network is one thing, however, for these networks to run smoothly they need to be managed. We manage networks by using an NMS (network management system) which allows us to monitor, administrate, maintain and operate a network.

Here, at Eclarity we use various systems to help us manage networks, Zyxel Nebula & ConnectWise Automate (ECIT). These systems enable us to provide ongoing management and monitoring of client networks no matter the devices or size.

Why is Network Visibility & Management needed?

Quite often the power and importance of network visibility and management are either forgotten or overlooked. But, thisStethoscope on hard drive should be at the foundation of your IT.

Without visibility, any company could be suffering from blind spots, regular breakdowns and downtime which in time impact day to day work. Due to the lack of visibility, these issues could take much longer to resolve, therefore creating even longer downtime.