3CX Phone System


3CX Phone System is the perfect replacement for any traditional telephone solution. If you want cheap calls and reliability, 3CX is the phone solution for you.

3CX is a software based PBX, that runs on your own hardware. There is no extra box on the wall, or cables needed, making it a budget friendly solution.

Because 3CX is an open standard PBX, it supports several manufactures of handsets. These include SNOM, and Yealink, who we are both partners with.  There is also a softphone app, available on both Android and IOS, as well as Windows, and MAC clients. These apps ensure connectivity to your business, anywhere in the world.

Not only does 3CX handle audio communications, it can also handle video.  Experience an online webmeeting and conference, with features such as screen share, chat and file sharing.


3CX Powered bydeskphones_group SIP

SIP is becoming the ISDN of the future. Major telecoms providers are starting to retire old ISDN solutions, replacing them with SIP. This is a perfect time to upgrade. By moving to a SIP solution, you benefit from cheaper calls to almost all locations.

The benefit of 3CX is you can still sue your existing landlines, even if you are still under contract.  Using a PSTN gateway from our partners PATON, you can have a multi channel solution. This gives failover, and the option to use different lines for different calls.



Get National and International Numbers

Traditional phone systems usually only give you a local number. With VoIP and 3CX, we can give you a presence anywhere in the world. By using this solution, we have the ability to deliver different numbers to your PBX. This way, your office could be in Bromsgrove, but you have local advertising numbers for Worcester and other areas. We can also provide non geographical numbers such as 08, and 03. With 3CX, you can present any number. This gives that local office presence, anywhere in the country.

Not just a UK company? We can get you a number for anywhere in the world. For your satellite office in the states, or a sales guy in Germany.


High Availability Phone System

Because 3CX is software based, you can take instant configuration backups. This means no complex fixes or external parties for repair. If you have a site go down, recover your backup onto new hardware, even at another site. Using SIP trunks from our partners, your standby site can be up in minutes. Never have a loss in your communications again!