Complete IT Security

Sophos Endpoint ProtectioneClarity provide Managed Service Provider solutions, or MSP for Sophos Enterprise Endpoint. A UK based and quite simply superb product that we honestly believe has no current equal. Regularly winning awards from Gartner and others, Sophos are without doubt at the top of their game.

eClarity can supply the full Enterprise Endpoint product for just a few pounds per month per user, no tie in, no initial fees and no infrastructure required. Everything is managed centrally and runs from our dual data centre servers with hourly updates direct from Sophos and literally millions of new files, emails and links analysed and responded to each and every day.

Endpoint Protection

Malicious software is on the rise and it is vital that you have Endpoint Protection installed on your machines in order to keep your business safe. Sophos Endpoint Protection can stop a threat before it reaches your servers and causes extensive damage or compromises sensitive data. Here is what makes Sophos Endpoint Protection stand out from the crowd:

  • Available on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Built-in host intrusion prevention systems (HIPS) automatically adjusts itself to effectively combat malware
  • Scans for malicious code from websites before it becomes a problem
  • Fast and efficient client which has minimal impact on your system’s performance



Sophos PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange guards against email-borne threats such as spam, phishing, viruses and spyware. PureMessage removes and quarantine’s malicious files before they have the chance to reach your inbox, here is what else Sophos PureMessage can do:

  • Blocks up to 98% of spam and protects against email scams, including phishing attacks.
  • Employs Genotype technology to catch evolving spam campaigns and new virus variants
  • Prevents confidential and sensitive information being emailed out of the organization
  • Controls attachment types contained within inbound, outbound and internal email
  • Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange without compromising performance or integrity
  • Enables the use of Active Directory users and groups within email policy