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WatchGuard Firewalls are a strong weapon in your company’s armoury in the war on cyber-attacks and a constantly changing cyber security landscape. Firewalls are network, or software-based, barriers that are installed to protect your system and computer devices from unauthorised access and malicious software.

Every company’s network needs to have protection from hackers, viruses and malware, and WatchGuard Firewalls are an industry-leading network security system which is able to guarantee that protection. Whether you have a small, medium or larger organisation, WatchGuard products are able to provide intelligent protection to effectively guard against current and evolving threats in the future.

Eclarity have been a WatchGuard partner for several years and hold gold partner status through working closely with all of their products. With the expertise and support of Eclarity and the excellence of WatchGuard’s products you can rest assured that your network’s security is in the most capable hands, protecting your business and data 24/7.

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How WatchGuard Firewalls can protect your business


Choosing a WatchGuard Firewall product gives you a system that guarantees complex network security. Their firewalls will protect from malware, zero-day threats and more and also help to increase productivity with real-time tools such as Dimension, so you can see exactly what your staff are accessing.

Small, medium and even larger WatchGuard Firewalls can be modified to deliver the perfect protection package for your company’s network security with UTM subscriptions, web, dimension, spam and APT blockers as well as application control and data loss prevention.

Added packages include:

Application control

This system is designed to identify traffic from various applications on the network and to block or restrict unauthorized applications from putting data at risk. IT administrators have access to monitor and control access to web and business applications in order to enforce policy and to protect productivity and network bandwidth.

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Gateway anti-virus

Gateway anti-virus is a fully integrated, heuristic and signature-based security subscription. This valuable package will scan files that might be embedded in network traffic and provides anti-virus security in order to identify and block spyware, viruses, trojans and blended threats in real-time before they reach the network.

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Intrusion prevention service

Working hand-in-hand with the WatchGuard Firewall’s application layer content inspection this will provide real-time protection against threats and malicious activity, such as spyware, SQL injections, cross-site scripting and buffer overflows. It will take the necessary action to block these threats as well as recording the information and reporting it to the network manager.

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Unwanted email, or spam, can fill up the average inbox at a disturbingly quick rate – consuming bandwidth, wasting network resources and lowering employee productivity. Patented RPDTM technology in the Cloud provides spamBlocker with the only effective anti-spam solution for low footprint UTM appliances and it will review up to four billion messages per day.

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WebBlocker uses a database and a URL filtering subscription to group together website addresses into content categories. It works to help eliminate legal liabilities from inappropriate web surfing whilst at the same time increasing employee productivity and protect the network from web-based attacks.

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Reputation Enabled Defence

This tool delivers a secure web browsing experience through a system that looks up URLs and scores them as good, bad or unknown. The method relies on a cloud-based reputation database collated with data from multiple feeds and anti-virus engines and will protect users from malicious web pages whilst improving web processing overhead.

Data loss prevention

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a system that detects and prevents data breaches, exfiltration or unwanted information destruction of sensitive data. It scans text and common files to detect sensitive and makes creating and updating corporate data policies simple. Eclarity also offers business continuity and disaster recovery.

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LiveSecurity Service

These are the best support and maintenance packages in the industry, activated online when you register your product. There are four options for LiveSecurity with a WatchGuard UTM appliance which offer 24/7 telephone support, advance replacement hardware warranties and software updates depending on the package purchased. Choose the option to suit your needs, budget and renewal schedule.

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Which WatchGuard is best for your business?

Eclarity offer a number of different fireboxes available to suit the varying needs of your business.

With a variety of different WatchGuard Firewalls available, in addition to added packages, choosing the right solution for your business might seem bewildering. Nevertheless, we are here to guide you and help you make the right choice. The right package for your business will depend on various factors, such as the size of your organisation, the level of security required and your budget.

Whether your business is small to medium sized or a bigger company there is a box to suit your requirements, and each can be modified with added packages to deliver the optimum level of network security. Small to medium companies will be looking at the T series boxes whereas a bigger company will require the M series boxes.


Firebox T Series

Comprised of the T20, T40 and T80 series boxes this is a range that is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. Whether a small home office or a midsize business with 50+ employees, or just a busy, high-traffic location. All are SD-WAN ready and have wired or wireless options available. The T series have zero-touch remote deployment, multi-factor authentication and impressive security and all can be modified with extra packages to suit your business’s unique requirements.

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Firebox M370 Firewall

Firebox M Series

The M series have various options with the M290 and M390 recommended for midsize organisations of up to 250 users looking for a rack-mounted solution. The M590 and M690 series have modular port options for greater flexibility as networking demands increase and is ideal for up to 1,000 users. They have quick and simple deployment and will stay ahead of evolving threats, they use WatchGuard Cloud for full visibility and most have expansion modules for more ports which allows for extending facilities as the organisation expands.

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Unmatched network security from Eclarity and WatchGuard

With the ever-increasing, and also ever evolving, threats of cyber-attacks on businesses, Eclarity are experienced in offering managed cyber security with WatchGuard Firewall products. Eclarity have been a WatchGuard partner for years and have acquired gold partner status, proving that we have the expertise with all WatchGuard Firewall products to install and manage your network security. We can provide help for all problems with your firewall products and will confidently act as your network security management team. WatchGuard Firewall products are ideally supplied as a part of a fully managed IT support service or business continuity plan, as all IT products need to be kept up to date and maintained for your organisation to reap the full benefits of their protection.

For expert advice on our IT support packages as well as which WatchGuard Firewall series product is the best fit for your company, get in touch today.

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Ask an expert about WatchGuard Firewalls

What is a WatchGuard Firewall?

A WatchGuard Firewall is a network security device that controls all traffic between the external internet and the trusted network to protect your infrastructure from cyber-attacks, viruses and malware. Read more about WatchGuard in our helpful guide here.

What does a WatchGuard Firewall do?

A WatchGuard Firewall will protect your private network from the external network of the internet to decrease the risk of cyber-attack. Traffic that enters or leaves the protected network is analysed by the firewall and denied access if it doesn’t meet the security criteria or policies.

How do I know which Firebox I need?

The firebox you will need will depend on the size of organisation you are and how many users will be on your network. You can use the WatchGuard appliance sizing tool on their website if you need advice, or get in touch with one of our experts at Eclarity for personalised help.

How do I login to WatchGuard Firewall?

So long as you have a valid user account, you can use WatchGuard WebCenter to review log messages, view or generate reports and manage your certificates from any computer with an internet connection. You will only be able to see the pages that your administrator has given you permission to see.

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