It’s hard to find any business nowadays where having a good Wi-Fi connection isn’t a priority. Whether you’re a school, small business or large offices, having the right Wi-Fi for your staff/students is imperative.

Having a good Wi-Fi connection is often confused with having good internet speed. However, the two are very different, you may be paying for the fastest internet your provider offers, but if your routers/access points don’t have the range or fulfil your requirements, that internet speed will be wasted.

Here at Eclarity, we take into consideration your employee’s needs and then make sure you have the correct hardware installed to ensure your team is as productive as they can be.


When someone refers to Zyxel Wi-Fi they are actually referring to Zyxel access points. Zyxel has many different access point models. This may include stand-alone, unified/unified pro access points and controllers. All models can be easily mounted to the ceiling, wall or even outdoors if needs be. It is our job, to find the right solution for your building and employees’ needs. Zyxel access points offer one of the best Wi-Fi extension and coverage.


When browsing the web your employees will need to be protected from any potential hackers, this can easily be achieved with WatchGuard’s secure Wi-Fi networks. Depending on your business secure Wi-Fi may be a must. Having a trusted wireless environment is the beginning of building a complete Wi-Fi network that’s not only fast and easy to manage but also extremely secure.


WatchGuard has been offering market-leading security products to the IT industry since 1996, and every year they get better and better. All products boast incredible performance, scalable management and verified comprehensive security.

Not too sure on what Wi-Fi access points you need? Struggling to decide whether you need secure Wi-Fi or not? We understand how daunting these decisions can be, as IT specialists we are here to help. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you further.


Whether you know exactly what your business requirements are or whether you’re struggling to understand exactly what you need. Not to worry we’re here to help.

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