RIP Windows XP: Security deadline arrives

Today is the day that we say goodbye to the great Windows XP Operating System, for the past 12 years it has been stretched to it’s limits in terms of security and performance but now the time has come for Microsoft to end support.

This means that Microsoft will no longer be releasing any security updates for the operating system leaving users that still use it vulnerable to cyber attacks. Microsoft have released a final security patch containing fixes for a series of bugs including a vulnerability in Microsoft Word 2010 when a user opens a specially crafted ‘.RTF’ file typically found in junk emails that could allow remote code execution.

What should you do now?

Windows 7 should be considered as a path of upgrade as the system requirements are not high, you can gain better performance and it is far more secure. Most computers that run Windows XP can run Windows 7, some may just require the memory (RAM) to be upgraded in them to bring it in line with the system requirements.

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